Published July 2, 2012 by Linda Gerber

Hey, guys! Congratulations to everyone who completed the Hacked quiz! It wasn’t easy, I know, but that’s the fun of it, yeah?  Remember, you can always find the answers to the quizzes in the books, on my blog, and on the back of the postcards I can email to you if you ask.

Next week’s quiz will be from Episode One: Celebrity. If you’d like me to send you the postcard for that one, just let me know!*

Meanwhile, the winners from last week have been notified (or are being notified) by email. Some of you asked me not to list your names online because of the ages of our players, and I completely understand! My mom and dad don’t like me to put a lot of my personal info online, either, so believe me, I get it. You wouldn’t believe the trouble I got into when my friend Nikos posted a picture of me with him on his facebook account! (Episode Two: Paparazzi)

Have a great day, and thanks again for playing!

Pura Vida!!

*for a postcard, send me a note at cassidy AT lightscameracassidy DOT com

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