Published July 2, 2012 by Linda Gerber

Hi from Ohio, everyone!

OK, for those of you who know me from the books, you already know that I come and stay with my gramma at her farm in Ohio when we aren’t on location with the show. Well, this week was one wild ride around here! On Friday, a huge storm popped up out of nowhere – seriously, the weather forecast told us we had 20% chance of rain, and then next thing you know, wind’s bending the trees like blades of grass, and here’s this huge black wall of clouds closing in on us, growling and flashing lightning. Then it was raining, but the rain wasn’t coming down, it was whipping at us sideways.

When hail started pelting the windows, Gramma had enough. The tornado sirens didn’t go off, but she made us go down to the basement anyway. That’s about the time the lights went out. She turned on her halogen lantern and pulled out her ma jong set. It was kind of hard to concentrate on playing when we kept hearing things blowing around and crashing into the house. When it finally calmed down and we came upstairs, you wouldn’t believe the mess outside. Trees down, branches and leaves everywhere. Big, muddy puddles in the garden. And no power anywhere.

In fact, we still have no power. You don’t realize how much you depend on electricity until you don’t have any. I can still use the 4G on my phone to get online, but I have to be careful not to drain the battery because I can only charge it when we go into town to find someplace cool to hang out (no electricity means no airconditioning, and it’s HOT). In fact, we’re at the library now so we can cool off, charge everything, and so I can use their Internet connection to post this.

All this is to say, sorry about the delay in posts and emails this week. Hopefully the power guys will get our lines fixed soon and everything will get back to normal. Until then, the games and giveaways are still ON! But we might be a little behind for a few more days.

Stay cool!

*trees photo courtesy of  Lisa Klein

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