In the Clouds

Published June 25, 2012 by Linda Gerber

One of the really cool things about our visit to Costa Rica is that we got to go see cloud forests and rain forests in the same trip! Okay, so I didn’t know about cloud forests until I got here…

A cloud forest is like a rain forest, except it’s maybe a little cooler, and there’s a foggy mist all around the trees that filters out a log of the sunlight. The effect is kind of eerie, but beautiful in its own way, especially with the kinds of plants that grow in that upper layer. Get this – these plants don’t even need soil; they just grow right in the trees – mosses, orchids, ferns, bromeliads.  This is what it looked like when we went on the “skywalk” in the Santa Elena cloud forest, way up  high in the canopy – like a bridge that disappeared into the clouds on both ends.

Our camera guy Daniel is completely terrified of heights, but he went with us anyway. He had nothing to worry about, though. The safety regulations on the bridges are really strict, so we were completely safe. Can’t say the same for the rain forest we hiked through later, though. Daniel was happy our feet were firmly on the ground, but my tutor  Victoria got bit by a spider right inside her boot. And because she’s allergic, her foot swelled up like a balloon, she ended up in the hospital.(She’s going to be OK). But check out this little guy we saw climbing on a leaf! (Victoria would forgive me for being excited in spite of her injury. She’s first and always a teacher and is happy when I check out the biodiversity, I promise.)

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