And the winners are…

Published June 21, 2012 by Linda Gerber

Congratulations to this week’s winners!

I’m sending you each an email, so watch for it!

Book winners:

Julie Weathers     Krystalyn

Charm winners:

Alicia Marie     Emily Morris     Roxie Walton     Emily Jackson     Monica Park     Megan P     Sierra S     Patricia Austin     Delaney Calem     hd

Thanks to everyone who played. If you didn’t win this time, keep checking back and playing! There are lots of prizes up for grabs. And remember, you can complete a live puzzle or quiz at any time, and your name will be entered in both the weekly drawing and the grand prize drawing in August.

Hint: You can find quiz clues and hints on my blog… like in the post below, for instance… and on the back of the postcards. Don’t have a postcard? Just ask me*! I’ll send you some!


*send me a note at cassidy AT lightscameracassidy DOT com.

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